Wednesday, July 16, 2008

NEWS: Yeah, you're making all the right moves

Once again I find myself apologizing for such lack-luster blogging! Only one post for all of July thus far?! Who do we think we are?! Well, please know that we still have plenty to blog about, and we'll start again shortly. My life will get significantly easier come Saturday - so look for much more musical mayhem after that.

Tomorrow, as part of Salt Lake's Twilight Concert Series, Andrew Bird and Josh Ritter will be playing a free show at the Gallivan Center, and we will of course be there. Since finding out about this a few months ago, I've mused about how much I would actually pay to see this show if I had to. Considering that last October we drove nearly 12 hours (round trip) to see Josh at the Egyptian Theatre in Boise, and that I would quite readily do the same to see Mr. Bird - I think that the effective worth of this show is ranking in the hundreds of dollars for me at this point.

Josh Ritter's performance in Boise is still one of my very favorite concert experiences to date. Not only is he one of my favorite song-writers, but when he's on stage he's all smiles and just puts on one good rock 'n roll show. In fact, every review I've ever read of his live show has said the same thing - so as much as I'd like to believe he was on fire that night at the Egyptian, the truth is that he's just a great performer. Do whatever you can to see this man live. I promise you won't be sorry.

Tomorrow will be my first time seeing Andrew Bird - but I'm fairly certain I won't be disappointed. A friend who saw him in LA last year said he was one of the greatest shows she'd ever seen. So yeah, I'm a little excited. If you're not familiar with Andrew Bird, take a listen below - he's really one of the most intriguing song-writers around right now, somehow combining violin, whistling, imaginative lyricism, and otherworldly production to create something that's actually kind of un-classifiable. We'll just call it "really really good music".

So as I go to bed tonight feeling like it's Christmas tomorrow, I hope you might find something like a stocking-stuffer in these couple songs. If they don't make you merry, heaven help you.

from the album The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter (Amazon/iTunes)

from the album Armchair Apocrypha (Amazon/iTunes)

NOTE: If you can't catch the show tomorrow, at least try to catch one of the Thursday Twilight shows this summer - the lineup is so good it's almost absurd. And don't forget, they're all FREE. Check out the lineup here.

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