Friday, August 22, 2008

ARTIST: Little bit of love

So I've been silent for a little while, and I truly am sorry. But I've been exploring another country and it's been tough to find time to a) find time to blog, and b) find internet at all even if I did have time to blog. It's been great, but I promise I haven't forgotten you. Here's the proof:

This is a little gem I've been listening to lately - Jon & Roy hail from Victoria BC, Canada, and their album Another Noon just came out last May. They write laid back catchy pop songs rooted in acoustic rhythms and simple percussion. There are points on their album that remind me of the summertime-acoustic sounds of Donavon Frankenreiter or early Beautiful Girls. All the way around this is just a bunch of fun songs. And it seems that someone over at VW thought so too, 'cuz Another Noon's title track will be gracing a commercial for them soon - so keep your eyes/ears on the tube for that one, and take a listen below.

from the album Another Noon (Amazon/iTunes)

from the album Another Noon (Amazon/iTunes)

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Ty said...

love the new tunes