Saturday, August 23, 2008

ARTIST: My roots

Chris and I started this blog with the simple desire to talk about good music.
To share the music we love and hope you'll love too.

We spend hours scouring the internet, reading blogs, and checking the used section at the local record store, hoping for the next best thing.
Even if no one is reading this, it is all time well spent. Totally worth it.
There is very little in this world that gets me quite as excited as when I realize I'm listening to a future favorite song.

But every now and then I need time to revisit my roots.

I just recently saw James Taylor again and he continues to amaze me.
James Taylor was my adolescence and his music defined that awkward and acne filled time of my life.
Every song stirred a different memory or created a new one. (I'll never hear You've Got a Friend the same way again.)
His music still feels so fresh and new even though some of his songs are over thirty years old!

As much as I love love cracking open a new CD or hearing Chris' excited voice over the phone telling me about the current artist that is bound to change our lives, (Nate Ruess! Holy cow!)
But every now and then I think its important for me to remember why I love music.

Take a moment to revisit your roots, to enjoy the music that started the love affair.

James Taylor - Copperline
from the album James Taylor: Greatest Hits vol. 2 (Amazon/iTunes)

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Ty said...

well said. for me, nothing is better than listening to rubber soul, revolver, sgt peppers, magical mystery tour, the white album, abbey road, and let it be consecutively and hearing the progression of the beatles songwriting. long live music!