Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ARTIST: Tongue dipped in funk arsenic

Lets be honest with ourselves: There will always be time and place when only Rage Against the Machine can satisfy you.

That being said, it was a sad day when I heard Rage would be calling it quits. (Not too unlike my father being able to recall where he was when he heard JFK had been shot, I can vividly remember sitting in Mr. Collett's class and refusing to accept that I was being told RATM was done.)

And the worst part is, we were given so many glimmers of hope in more Rage music that it almost seemed cruel after awhile.
The first being Audioslave.
I'm sorry, but no thanks.

And then the We Want It All single released for the Michael Moore documentary Fahrenheit 9/11.
Good, but hardly thirst quenching.

The absolute pinnacle of the teasing by the members of Rage was when they reunited for one more glorious tour.
I cannot consider myself one of the lucky who were able to witness the raw energy of Rage Against the Machine live and thus I live in regret.

But I have hope again....

One Day as a Lion is a new band fronted by the voice of Rage Zack de la Rocha and the former drummer of Mars Volta Jon Theodore.
Its the closest thing to Rage I've heard in years and I'm more than thrilled.

Zack still packs that bullet-to-the-head lyrical delivery he's always had (It's like a punch to the face, but you love it and thank him for it!) and Jon backs him up with some pretty formidable beats.

So it might not be Rage Against the Machine, but its something and that something is pretty great.

One Day as a Lion - Wild International
from the EP One Day as a Lion (Amazon/iTunes)

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Squash said...

I love this album, it really is the next best thing to RATM. And this is coming from someone who did get to see Rage live.