Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ALBUM: I know you're on to something

As soon as I received the advanced copy of The Dears' forthcoming album, Missiles, I put it on my iPod and in my car so I could experience it right away and wherever I was.
Walking through campus, waiting in a drive-thru, and just sitting at my desk, these moments reminded me why I love the Dears.
They're just something totally out of the ordinary.

The latest American Idol could be heard from speakers on campus, the car behind me at Del Taco was thumping some generic rap/hip-hop, and the passing traffic outside my window was typical MTV/VH1 drivel.
And the Dears didn't sound like any of that.
Missiles is a refreshing change from the mediocrity that is out there right now.

It feels a bit more stripped down than their previous release, but the Dear's uniquely dark take on pop survives.
In my previous post on the Dears I said their album Gang of Losers would be a top choice if I were to wander and drift aimlessly around the world.
Missiles would be my album of choice if I were to curl up alone in a dark room and brood.

From the distorted horns of Disclaimer to the haunting hymn-like Saviour the feelings of an inner and outward struggle permeate this album.
The highlight of the album for me is the soul-crushingly beautiful Meltdown in A Major, which is a song of loving support and continued encouragement in a world that doesn't agree with you.

Look for their album Missiles October 10th.

The Dears - Meltdown in A Major
from the album Missiles (Amazon/iTunes)

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