Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NEWS: If you like good music AND making a difference, this is for you

Here are three things I love:

1) Bob Dylan in general
2) Jeff Tweedy's lilting voice
3) everyone's favorite choral chamber pop group, Fleet Foxes

You may have heard that these three things were combined in glorious fashion this summer as the latter two covered a song by the former during their recent tour together. Now, they're offering an mp3 of that little bit of magic for FREE over at Wilco's website - all you have to do is pledge to vote in the up-coming election (click here to go and do it). Classy on just about every front.

And here are a couple of other Dylan covers that I happen to love. They're both a couple years old, but are still pretty great. Enjoy.

from the album On Your Side (Amazon/iTunes)

from the album Careless Love (Amazon/iTunes)

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