Saturday, September 13, 2008

ALBUM: Music that will make you smile

So we've been waiting for a good long time for an actual full-length album from LA's The Little Ones. After two ep's, some label switching, and a lot of touring it was starting to feel like we'd never get one from these guys. So you can imagine our excitement when we were lucky enough to get ahold of a copy of their brand new record entitled Morning Tide, due out in the U.S. on October 7th (if you're lucky enough to live in the UK, it's already out - go buy it right this instant).

So after listening for a week or so, I can frankly say that I love this album. I'll just put that right up front. Now, Logan and I don't consider this a critical site - we don't review things so much as we recommend them - our philosophy is "I love this and I think you should love it too". So in that vein, I'm recommending the Little One's new album to you as something you should love too. It's hand-clapping, bell-ringing, feet-shuffling pop perfection, with fuzzy upbeat guitars and lyrics so sing-along-able it's probably a crime. Overall, their delivery is a little more restrained than before - not any less upbeat - just more restrained. The songs possess a little more maturity, giving the impression that they're not in any great hurry to get to wherever they're going - instead taking their time as they lead us through their bouncy melodies and sing-along moments.

Below I've posted Morning Tide's eponymous first song because I think that it's a perfect example of what you'll find on this album as a whole. It opens with the Casio flute-like keyboard line (just one of the many pleasant little sounds they've got stuffed up their sleeve) bouncing along underneath some sugary doo-doo-ing vocals. As the verse starts to roll out we hear the guitar part meandering around the higher notes and the drums and vocals push ahead. A shouted 'la la la la la la!' leads out the almost anthemic chorus "By the shore I'll be waiting for you/Morning tide I'll be waiting for you!" all before collapsing into a hand-clap/drum-beat breakdown through the middle. Then, after the last round of the chorus it's back to the doo-doo's and Casio-flute keyboard bit for a finish that's just so satisfying you might just find yourself... well, smiling I think. At least that's been my experience. The Little Ones make me smile. Quite literally.

So there you have it. The first song is pretty much a microcosm for the pop pleasure that there is to be had on this whole record - lots of fun sounds and singing, choruses that beg to be sung along to, poppy breakdowns, dance-able upswings, and grand finale's that are just plain fun. And though this may not be the album that gets the hipsters swooning, I can fairly promise that it will be the one that gets you smiling. It got me, anyway.

from the album Morning Tide (Amazon/iTunes)

And here's my favorite track from the record:

The Little Ones - Rise and Shine
from the album Morning Tide (Amazon/iTunes)

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Anonymous said...

These guys are right in my wheelhouse. I have yet to hear a song from them I didn't like. Thanks for posting on them. Take care.