Saturday, September 6, 2008

ARTIST: Beside the willow tree

So here's a song that's been steadily becoming one of my very favorites over the last week or so. It's off of Chad VanGaalen's new album, Soft Airplanes, due to be released September 9th on Sup-Pop. The quivery vocals over the plucking banjo makes a beautiful intro to what blossoms into an accordion and chime layered psalm, offering thoughts on death along with emotive and wistful harmonies. It's one of the most understatedly beautiful songs I've heard in a while.

After falling in love with this little ditty, head on over to his myspace page where you can stream his new album in its entirety - here. A musician of the do-it-yourself persuasion, VanGaalen's sound varies pretty remarkably from song to song - but he's got knack for pretty melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Enjoy, and then go buy the record on Tuesday.

from the album Soft Airplanes (Amazon)

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