Sunday, November 16, 2008

CONCERT: If you feel like dancing...

Friday night we got to see the cheery indie-poppers Bishop Allen at Kilby Court, and man, was it a great show. The place was packed, and we had a good time despite the fact that we were victims to several broken "concert commandments" (like Thou Shalt Respect the Personal Space of Others and Thou Shalt Not Sing Along). The band played a whole slew of new stuff, but the highlights were definitely songs from last year's Bishop Allen & The Broken String, providing endless bouncing, hand-clapping bliss for all present. Some particular favorites were of course, Rain and Click click click click (which prompted a bit of that aforementioned hand-clapping), as well as the more subtle and very pretty Castanets and Butterfly Nets.

The second to last song of the night was Flight 180, an anthemic little number about dancing with pilots and flight attendants, and how life seems from an airplane seat in the sky. It made me think of how much I've been flying lately while I've been interviewing at potential dental schools - and how I've decided that flying isn't my favorite thing. Not that I don't like flying itself (I actually love single-serving peanuts and that weightless feeling right at take-off), it's just that I don't like how impersonal flying can be. For example, I don't like the fact that I've been to Houston and Detroit, but I've never really been to Houston or Detroit. I mean, unless you count seeing the city lights as I flew in and out, and the fact that I ate some great local Burger King in the terminal during my layover, I don't feel like I've gotten the whole Texas or Michigan experience, you know? That said, I have sat next to some pretty great people during my trips - so my thinking that flying is impersonal shouldn't reflect on friendly seat-mates (Thank you to Mr. ____ who helped me finish that name-drop puzzle on my last flight to Minneapolis - now that's a good travel buddy).

Anyway, here's the song:

Bishop Allen - Flight 180
from the album Bishop Allen & The Broken String (iTunes)

Also here's a great video having to do with flight.


Holly K said...

Can't listen to the song. :(

Tobler said...

try it now - it should be working :)

Logg said...

They also violated my personal rule of not spilling your dang beer all over me and then acting inconvenienced when I politely point out you're spilling your dang beer.