Thursday, November 13, 2008

ALBUM: Look what you did to me

Its been weeks since we got Ryan Adam's latest album Cardinology and I just can't seem to get enough of it.

Which is an entirely new feeling for me when it comes to the prolific Mr. Adams.

Don't misunderstand me, I love Ryan Adams, but with the sheer amount of music this man has been able to produce in the last few years, not getting enough seems like quite the impossiblity.

Ryan Adams has created some of my beloved albums (Gold, Demolition, and Cold Roses) and not to say his other albums are bad (they're not!), but with the size of his catalog some can be forgettable.

Cardinology starts off with the strongest four track of the entire album. With Born Into a Light, Go Easy, Fix It, and Magic, it shrugs off the mediocrity of previous albums with hook after hook.
And it really doesn't let up after that.

Listen to Cardinology.
If you love it, take a deep breath and dive into the rest that Ryan Adams has to offer.

Ryan Adams - Fix It

from the album Cardinology (Amazon/iTunes)


Tigre said...

I have one Whiskeytown album (Stranger's almanac) where every other song is really great but all RA's solo stuff leaves me cold fer some reason.

grock27 said...

Currently purchasing Cardinology on iTunes. Your making me spend money. I am also hoping for a review of The Killers new album "Day and Age" Cant wait to see it!