Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ALBUM: Censored colors

One bit of warning should you purchase Portugal. The Man's latest album Censored Colors, don't open it.
Don't get me wrong it's a fantastic album and the boys from Wasilla, AK (yup, the same 'Wasilla' of Sarah Palin fame. Who knew?) have outdone themselves. But the inside album photo of what appears to be a hand that has suffered severe chemical burns is pretty upsetting. (At least to someone who gets light headed when they draw his blood)
So buy this album, close your eyes, pull out the CD, and listen up cause it's pretty great.

It starts with the strongest tracks off the album. Lay Me Back Down, a unique blend of distorted rock guitar and chirpy piano ballad (I know right? Trust me though, it works) and the anthemic title track Colors. But it doesn't stop there, Censored Colors is simply amazing from start to finish. It just keeps drawing you in because, although the songs vary and are unique, there is a certain feeling of cohesivness throughout the entirity of the album that doesn't allow you to stop. Especially the last half, which feels like one epic (and psychadelic) song.

Portugal. The Man - Colors
from the album Censored Colors (Amazon/iTunes)

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