Thursday, February 12, 2009

CONTEST: Win A Signed Vinyl and Tee from The Little Ones

By way of clarification, only the vinyl is signed. Not the tee. The tee is unsigned. But they are both still awesome.

We love The Little Ones around here (read: here and here), so we're pretty excited to announce that they're heading back out on tour with Brett Dennen (check out the schedule here). And to celebrate, we're giving away a prize pack, including the afore-mentioned signed vinyl copy of their album Morning Tide, and an (unsigned but still awesome) tee shirt.

To enter our little contest, just write us a comment below with your email address (please!) and your favorite Little Thing. Anything goes, as long as it's little, and it's your favorite.

Also check out The Little One's live acoustic sessions on Daytrotter and LiveDaily. Fantastic!

UPDATE: Congrats to kimmi and roann, our Little Winners! Thanks for reading!

The Little Ones - Gregory's Chant
from the album Morning Tide (Amazon/iTunes)

The Little Ones - Lovers Who Uncover
from the Sing Song EP (Amazon/iTunes)


kimmi said...

I love little colored mini marshmellows (i know most people repulse)...i love little ones, and i would love to add this vinyl to my little collection.

Kim Devine

bbond said...

orange juice with pulp. lots of pulp. oh, and i guess just a little glass of it.


Squash said...

Brand new puppies! They are so much fun and are my favortie.

funnysoprano said...

I love the little satin hair bows on babies' heads. Moms get them to stick to their babies' heads by using Elmer's glue (which is quite silly...and cute)

Joe said...

Little drops of LSD

humantapes said...

Watching my cat lay on the floor in the sun. Sometimes when I'm tired I might join her. This probably makes me look silly.

rooann said...

little microorganisms through a standard compound light microscope.. i still haven't found a little amoeba :(

(my email is in my profile)

Anonymous said...

I like little miniature donkeys- so sweet :)


lisa said...

too late to enter? cause I love little post its.