Saturday, February 28, 2009

NEWS: New album from a legend

So I was reading the latest issue of AARP magazine and stumbled, quite by chance, on a little article about Yusuf Islam, who you may be more familiar with as Cat Stevens.

Yes, that Cat Stevens.

I listened to Cat Stevens pretty much constantly throughout high school. I remember pre-ordering his box-set in 2001 and locking myself in my room for three days to listen to it. I thought that box-set, with previously unreleased songs, was as close as I would get to 'new' Cat Stevens music.

The article in AARP discusses his absence from music and why he decided, after thirty years, to come back with his 2006 release of An Other Cup. (An album that moved me to tears, if for no other reason than to be hearing his voice again.)
All of this is interesting, but I couldn't care less, I've read it all before. I'm just glad he's back and, according to AARP, working on another album.
So I guess right now I'm fulfilling a dream, originally conceived during my high school days. I still can't quite believe it.....I am currently anticipating the release of another new Cat Stevens album. Dreams aren't even this good.

If you're a fan of Cat Stevens and haven't heard his latest, take a second to enjoy this song. Though he and his voice have obviously matured after thirty years, it is as strong as it always was and not showing a hint of weakness.

Yusuf - Heaven/Where True Love Goes
from the album An Other Cup (Amazon/iTunes)

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Tigre said...

Rock stars do dim-witted things all the time but converting to Islam takes the cake. There's no submission in rock n' roll.