Monday, March 2, 2009


The first thing that caught my attention about DC's Pree was their rich instrumentation. The lush acoustic sounds they've put together on their debut EP are pretty breathtaking, although never especially overstated. Drawing on traditonal folk influences, the acoustic guitar and ingenuous percussion are accented by subtle other elements perfectly, bringing together a small woodland symphony of flutes and strings and horns - it's really quite beautiful, and it all kind of evokes a hazy Appalachian landscape.

Left there, Pree would just be making some pretty music - but then they go and add May Tabol's voice, which washes over the top of this serene musical backdrop with her Isaac Brock-like cadence and a striking lyrical charm. Admittedly, her delivery might have to grow on some, but for me she was the perfect touch to push this little EP from good to brilliant. It's out at the end of March, so be a peach and pick it up, and be looking for a full-length from them by the end of the year.

Pree - In The Parlor
from the EP A Chopping Block (pre-order at kora records)

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