Thursday, April 2, 2009

NEWS: President makes a mixtape

On his recent visit to Buckingham Palace, President Obama gave Queen Elizabeth II an iPod. Not only that, the iPod was also loaded with some footage of the Queen's 2007 visit to the US, as well as a mix of some popular broadway and showtunes. You can check out the playlist HERE. Apparently the Queen already has an iPod, but it's only a 6-gig mini - so she's obviously due for an upgrade.

Whether or not you agree with the President's politics, you've got to admit that he has the cool factor down. I mean, what world leader has ever given another world leader a mixtape? If you know of any, let me know.

ALSO: Remember that tomorrow's our last day to enter the Cold War Kids giveaway. If you haven't yet, you can do that HERE.

The Helio Sequence - Give, Give, Give
from the album Young Effectuals (iTunes)

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