Saturday, May 16, 2009

ARTIST: Solid Gold

Welcome to the first installment of our new Sing the Elements project!

Ok, not really. Chris just has so much fun with his States project that I'm a little jealous. Although there are a lot of artists and songs with elements in their names and titles - so who knows what the future holds? (Answer: The future does not hold a Sing the Elements project.) The most notable artist in my life right now that also appears on the periodic table is the smooth and synthy Solid Gold.

This trio from Minneapolis will get you moving. (If you can dance. I can't so it just makes me wish I could move it.) This album is like your own little self-contained dance party. But what I love and what makes it stand out above the rest is so beautifully summed up in the opening lines of their song Synchronize, "Give me something real." Ya, there's a lot of synth but its got some real meat to it. It feels like real music instead of a shallow reconstruction of blips and beeps.

mp3: Solid Gold - Get Over It
from the album Bodies of Water (Amazon/iTunes)

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kp said...

so the real question is, do YOU only listen to this in the shower? I'm confused :)