Friday, May 8, 2009

NEWS: Josh Ritter re-releases Golden Age of Radio

Wow. We dropped the ball on this one guys. It's no secret that we here at WiAC have a considerable man-crush on the Idahoan balladier, Josh Ritter - and we'd usually like to consider ourselves on top of any news Ritter-related. But alas, this news is about 3 weeks late. Sorry about that guys. Anyways. Here's the details:

Josh is re-releasing his fantastic 2002 album, Golden Age of Radio, which includes a second disc of recently recorded acoustic versions of the entire album, plus 2 b-sides, plus 2 remixes by The Submarines Jason Dragonetti (these are especially good), PLUS a full color booklet and 2 homevideos, including one of Glen Hansard performing "Me & Jiggs". So basically, this isn't your typical slapped together "not-so-deluxe deluxe edition" scam. This is something I'm going to buy. And you should too.

You can stream the entire thing for free HERE, as well as grab a free mp3 of the title track. And to make up for our slacking, here's some Josh Ritter tracks that I sort of adore. Enjoy!

mp3: Josh Ritter - Rumors (Off-Broadway Remix by Jason Dragonetti)

mp3: Josh Ritter - Vapour Trail
from the album The Cake Sale (Amazon/iTunes)

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