Monday, May 11, 2009

NEWS: WiAC on Break Thru Radio!

Hey this is exciting! The good folks over at Break Thru Radio are going to be featuring our humble blog all this week as part of their Anatomy of a Blogger program. They're publishing a post of ours each day this week, starting today with our post on Pree, the charming little act out of DC (go to "Articles", then "Blogger of the Week" to see it, or go HERE).

Then on Thursday they'll be streaming a radio show featuring us and a bunch of bands we picked out for you. So check back each day and we'll keep you posted...

mp3: Wilco - Radio Cure
from the album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (iTunes)

mp3: Shugo Tokumaru - La La Radio
from the album EXIT (iTunes)


Joe said...

How cool is that! So will you guys be interviewed on the radio show on Thursday?

Tobler said...

Yeah they asked a few questions, and we gave a few answers. Explained why we picked some of the songs we did, etc. It should be pretty good though. Promise.