Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SING THE STATES #16: Tennessee

Last week my good friend Ian was driving cross-country and sent me this text from the road: "At some point soon you NEED to go to Nashville. I seriously am in love with this state." Why? "The vibe. And the old businesses and buildings. And the fact that James Taylor [is here]." Well, I don't know what else to add to that really. We all just need to go to Nashville. Deal? Deal.

Here's some random things you probably didn't know about Tennessee: Nashville's Grand Ole Opry is the longest continually running live radio show in history, broadcasting every Friday and Saturday night since 1925. The biggest earthquake in US history was in Tennessee (not California), creating Reelfoot Lake in 1811-12. Tennessee was the last state to secede from the Union, and was the first to be re-admitted. Tennessee is neighbor to 8 other states (tied with Missouri for the most neighborly). Also, James Taylor was in Tennessee last week.

Our song for Tennessee is by our local favorite Joshua James, and I think the song does a pretty good job of representing the state. It's got plenty of harmonica, pedal steel, and twang, along with Joshua's understated (but still affecting) voice. He's got a new record coming out in the next couple months called Build Me This, so be looking out for that. It's gunna be grand. And if you haven't yet, pick up his first record or his latest EP HERE.

Also considered: Mason Jennings - Memphis, Tennessee; Ryan Adams - Tennessee Sucks; Whiskeytown - Tennessee Square

mp3: Joshua James - Tennessee

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James said...

I just learned in class that Nashville has one of the highest rates of STDs in the country...

I was thinking maybe Arrested Developments "Tennessee" might be a contender too!

Kyle said...

Uh... you mean the last state to secede from the union?

Tobler said...

annnd fixed! thanks kyle!