Thursday, May 7, 2009

SING THE STATES #15: Kentucky

Did you know that no-one knows for sure how Kentucky got its name? This is according to wikipedia: "The origin of Kentucky's name has never been definitively identified, though some theories have been debunked. For example, Kentucky's name is unlikely to mean "dark and bloody ground" as is commonly believed, because it does not occur with that meaning in any known Native American language. The most likely etymology is that it comes from an Iroquoian word for "meadow" or "prairie". Other possibilities also exist: the suggestion of early Kentucky pioneer George Rogers Clark that the name means "the river of blood", a Wyandot name meaning "land of tomorrow", a Shawnee term possibly referring to the head of a river, or an Algonquian word for a river bottom." It's funny that it could either be The River of Blood or Land of Tomorrow. I mean, they seem pretty fundamentally different in their outlook on the state. I don't know. I think my vote is for River Bottom.

Musically, Kentucky is best known for its bluegrass music - it's home to the annual Festival of Bluegrass, as well as the father of bluegrass himself, Bill Monroe. Though you'd never know it from reading this blog, Logan and I both have a real soft spot for bluegrass music, and therefor a soft spot for Kentucky. And did you know that "Happy Birthday To You" was also written by a pair of sisters from Lousiville, Kentucky? Crazy.

Our song on the list isn't bluegrass (I thought I'd spare you all), but it does have some good Southern bar-room twang to it. It's called "Postcard From Kentucky" and it's by Rocky Votolato, a Texas native by way of Seattle. He makes alt-country/folk/rock music and he's especially notable around these parts due to his regular stops in Provo, UT at our proud local venue, The Velour. Enjoy!

Also considered: Lovefingers - Kentucky; Elvis Presley - Blue Moon Of Kentucky; Manson Family Picnic - Kentucky Waltz

Rocky Votolato - Postcard from Kentucky
from the album The Brag & The Cuss (Amazon/iTunes)

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Katie Darby said...

One of my favorite songs! Cool post!