Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SONG(s): New Songs From The National

A huge thanks to nyctaper for recording The National's set at the Dark Was The Night benefit concert in NYC last Sunday. The National played two brand new songs, along with "Slow Show" and "Up Around The Bend" (their submission to the Dark Was The Night comp). For the full set, or to get the flac audio files, go HERE. To buy the fantastic Dark Was The Night album, go HERE. The songs are pretty amazing, and show off a bit of a different side for Matt Berninger & co. (i.e. the guitar solo in Vanderlylle Cry Baby - love it. UPDATE: apparently that's Bon Iver's Justin Vernon on the guitar there. I love it more). Enjoy.

(Thanks to stereogum for the pic.)

The National - England (Live at Radio City, NYC 5/3/09)

The National - Vanderlylle Cry Baby (Live at Radio City, NYC 5/3/09)

And as a bonus, here's two more new tunes from The National recorded at Carnegie Hall back in February. The sound quality isn't as good as the two above, but the songs are solid, and you can still get a sense of all the orchestration involved. These four songs, along with their work on Dark Was The Night and the Score! comp all seem to point to one thing -- The National's next record is gonna be tight, yo.

The National - Karamazov (Live at Carnegie Hall, NYC 2/3/09)

The National - Wake Up Your Saints (Live at Carnegie Hall, NYC 2/3/09)


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