Saturday, February 9, 2008

VIDEO: Young@Heart

A couple weeks ago I was in Park City for the Sundance Film Festival - enjoying the culture and the people and the atmosphere that's all such a great part of that whole hullaballoo. The city literally blows up overnight, and it's a lot of fun to be a part of all the excitement: eating at the bustling local caf├ęs, meeting a myriad of cheery out-of-towners, seeing some up-and-coming films - all bundled up against Utah's frosty air. Of the films we got in to see, there were some hits, some misses - but there was only one that I felt was heads and walking sticks above the rest. And due to its musical nature, we thought it'd be appropriate to bring it to you here.

The film is called Young@Heart, and I can honestly say that it is one of the most moving films I've seen in recent memory. It's a documentary by British film-maker Stephen Walker that follows the Young@Heart chorus - a senior citizens chorus whose repertoire includes songs by the Sonic Youth, the Clash, and the Ramones, just to name a few. The music is pretty impressive - but even more impressive are some of the remarkable seniors who are making it (see clip below). The film got picked up by Fox Searchlight, so it should be popping up soon in a theatre near you. So your homework?
Go see it.

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Logg said...

I would like to give my two cents about Sundance.
I love it, but why in heavens name did I have to pay $15 for a mediocre philly steak and cheese?!