Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ARTIST: Calmin' restless mobs

I think its about time I wrote about these guys.
For the past two months I've found myself coming back to the Black Keys over and over again.

Could it be the raw chunky guitar,
the often distorted and always bluesy vocals,
or the surreal sense that perhaps you've been transported back in time to when men were men, women were women, and music was rock?

Ya, all of the above.

The Black Keys absolutely explode with energy.

The Black Keys - Strange Times
from the album Attack & Release (Amazon/iTunes)

If you're a fan of this, check out their 2004 release Rubber Factory. I was introduced to the Black Keys through this album.......pretty spectacular.

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Tigre said...

Primal rock, you're right. It has balls. Not crybaby radiohead stuff though there's a time and a place for radiohead, I guess. I must just be asleep at those times or something. I'm only sad it took you over 100 posts to get to me favorites.