Friday, October 17, 2008

ARTIST: Time is kindly kicking me around

We got treated to a fantastic show last night by the Fleet Foxes in Salt Lake City - and man, they just continue to impress me. For all you who missed it, here's a little something similar to (maybe) make you feel better...

They call themselves The Old Believers, and after I got past their unfortunate record-cover - it looks like some kind of a uncomfortably-intimate wedding invitation - it didn't take me long to fall for this pretty duo out of Alaska.

'Old' they actually are not - the two of them are just barely breaking out of their teenage years -but the music they're making would never tell it, especially when you hear their soulfully full voices. Their sound falls comfortably somewhere between the AM pop nostalgia of She & Him and the more choral folk sounds of the aforementioned Fleet Foxes - all tossed up with a handful of playful arrangements and gospel swelling that keeps this LP of only eight songs from ever feeling too short.

Here's one of my favorite tracks from it, called There it is. Enjoy!

from the album Eight Golden Greats (Amazon/iTunes)

Also, we heard a new song from those Fleeting Foxes last night! Check out a video of them playing it at the Ballroom here.

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