Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NEWS: Mason Jennings returns to rock

This was posted on Friday on Mason Jennings' website:

"In other news, I have been writing a bunch of new songs this winter and playing a lot of electric guitar and drums. The new songs are definitely on the rock side of things. That may sound like a departure but anyone who has seen me play live knows that it is not. I grew up playing rock and I guess the new stuff is a return to form. Only Transformed. It feels really really really good and that’s what matters. Not thinking too hard about it. Just getting the songs down as demos, following my heart. I will hopefully begin recording the new album soon."

This makes me so so happy. Mason is a master of musical story-telling, but he can also rock out pretty hard (like he said, as anyone who's seen him live can attest). If I have any qualms about the last few times I've seen him it's that his shows have gotten a little more tame than back when he'd pull out a raw version of 'Godless' or 'The Mountain' with band blazing. I'm excited for this "(Transformed) return to form" from one of my very favorite artists.

Below are a few of Mason's more rockin' numbers from past albums. I don't know if he'll pull out anything as raucous as 'Godless' on the next record, but I sure wouldn't complain.

Mason Jennings - Godless (1998)
from the album Mason Jennings (Amazon/iTunes)

Mason Jennings - The Mountain (2000)
from the album Bird Flying Away (Amazon/iTunes)

Mason Jennings - Some Say I'm Not (2006)
from the album Boneclouds (Amazon/iTunes)

Also, check out this video of Mason performing 'Jackson Square' from Pandora's On Stage & More Series. There's also versions of 'Soldier Boy', 'Nothing' and 'I Love You and Buddha Too' here. Enjoy.


Joe said...

Nobody rocks Bulls on Parade like Mr. Jennings. Yes, this man sure can rock when he wants to. This is such wonderful news. Thanks for the update!

Chad Gibson said...

YAAAAYYYY! I'm excited for this.

rickdog said...

Find more Mason Jennings in my mp3blog and forum searches:


Moranda said...

that's why I love Mason. His musical mood swings make him versatile-never boring.

Timmy V said...

Amazing news...