Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NEWS: New EP from Joshua James

Joshua James has quietly released a new EP through his online store. Titled Sing Songs, it's got 5 songs that were recorded during the Build Me This sessions (which will be out in May), and although they didn't make the final cut, James describes them as having a "sparkle all their own". It's only getting a hard-copy release, so you can either get it on his website (link above) or pick it up at one of his shows.

Considering that my very most favorite Joshua James song came off of his last B-sides disc, I'm fairly certain it's worth picking this one up.

You can take a listen to the first song off it, called 'Crooked Arrow' on his myspace (link below). Enjoy!

Listen to Crooked Arrow at Joshua James's myspace page -->

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Logg said...

If anyone were to blatantly rip off Grand Archives album cover art, I'm glad it was Joshua.